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To find a specific topic, it is easier to use the search function! But here are the older stories: those telescopes currently advertised on sale elsewhere are noted in red – the rest are available, make a reasonable offer! Please enquire about any you would like to consider purchasing. While some are quoted as being worth a lot of money, in the descriptions, most are being sold for under £200, and as low as £50. It is true that these described on the web are the more interesting, and more expensive examples, typically – the others not yet described are probably cheaper.

Any stories marked (N/A) do not feature telescopes for sale: it could also be that the article, or the telescope described, relates to something that is not held in the collection, or is owned by a third party.

For the future, another 200 telescopes have yet to be described, 68 done so far….

Liquid lenses in iPads: Dec 2013     (N/A)

The Dollond & Aitchison Museum at Yardley: Dec 2013    (N/A)

Troughton & Simms 1862 scope: Dec 2013 FOR SALE

Bianchi Light Dragoons telescope 1806: Dec 2013 FOR SALE

J & W Watkins 4 draw of Bengal Fusiliers, built 1790: Feb 2014 FOR SALE

Cousens of Swansea 1890, single draw: Feb 2014 FOR SALE

Jesse Ramsden 3-draw, from 1790: Feb 2014 FOR SALE

Dollond tapered body, single draw, from 1780: Feb 2014    FOR SALE

John Hewitson, Newcastle, 3-draw, 1890: Feb 2014 FOR SALE

The Dolland from Walney Island, ~1880: Feb 2014

An 8-sided Dollond, ~1760: Feb 2014

Troughton and Simms silver plated, 2-draw, ~1900: March 2014   FOR SALE

Carpenter 8-draw, 1830: March 2014

Officer of the Watch telescopes, 1900s: April 2014 FOR SALE

Berge 5-draw, 1800: April 2014 FOR SALE

Rubergall, for Duke of Clarence, single draw, 1830: April 2014    FOR SALE

Three naval telescopes, single draw + wooden, pre-1800: August 2014    FOR SALE

Dollond from 1880, single draw, with pedigree: August 2014  FOR SALE

Single draw naval telescope, 1850: Oct 2014 FOR SALE

Peter Dollond library scope, 1960?: March 2015 FOR SALE

Hunt of Cork, single draw, from 1847: June 2015    SOLD

Dollond 4-draw from 1810: June 2015 FOR SALE

OOW telescope from 1880s, used on HMS Temeraire: July 2015 FOR SALE

Royal Mail Steam Packet 6-draw telescope, pre-1932: July 2015   FOR SALE

Gilbert, Wright and Hooke 3-draw, 1794: Aug 2015

AA radar telescope from HMS Gloucester, 1980: Sept 2015

J Coombes OOW scope, for R D Graham: ~1880: Sept 2015 FOR SALE

OOW telescope used by Capt Haselfoot in WW1, 1910: Sept 2015 FOR SALE

Octagonal and Decagonal scopes pre-1800: Oct 2015 FOR SALE

Using a telescope with Glaucoma! Nov 2015    (N/A)

Davis Victorian scientist‘s set, 1860: Nov 2015

James Chapman octagonal scope, 1780-90: Nov 2015 FOR SALE

Long wooden scope for Capt J Jervis Tucker, ~1830: Dec 2015

Nelson’s telescope: Jan 2016    (N/A)

Blachford & Imray, 1840, as used on the Mizpah: Feb 2016 FOR SALE

Spencer, Browning & Co scope from the wreck of the Eagle, in 1859: Feb 2016

Berge/Ramsden Gentleman’s scope, 1800: July 2016

Dolland, pristine, in a tin, 1850: July 2016    FOR SALE

Lord Rodney, Alresford and Hinton Ampner links to naval scopes: July 2016     (N/A)

A 3-Draw Ramsden scope from 1780: August 2016

Large tapered telescope by Baker: August 2016 FOR SALE

A Solomon 6-draw pocket telescope: August 2016   FOR SALE

JP Cutts and Sons Victorian Telescope: August 2016  SOLD

Shuttleworth –  A classic rebuild? Aug 2016

A Ramsden 8-draw telescope: Sept 2016    (N/A)

1860 Presentation Dollond – for a US sale: Sept 2016  FOR SALE

A Lincoln, with a triplet for an objective: Sept 2016

A Della Torre, London, telescope: Sept 2016  FOR SALE

A 6 foot Dollond from the 1820s: Oct 2016    (N/A)

Britex Spotter / Orion Spotter, both from 1950: Dec 2016 FOR SALE

A tapered Dollond from 1770: Dec 2016 FOR SALE

Geo Willson telescope, circa 1800: Dec 2016 FOR SALE

A silver plated Gilbert scope, circa 1800: Dec 2016

Pocket telescope by Bate: ~1840: Dec 2016 FOR SALE

A Ripley of Wapping 1775 Naval telescope: Dec 2016

Spencer & Co Victorian telescope: Dec 2016 FOR SALE

Concorde memorial Galiled (sic) telescope: 2003: Dec 2016

N&B Petrel: 1960: Where it all started! Jan 2017

Enbeeco Merlin 20x-40x: 1950s? Jan 2017

A telescope by Thomas Jones: 1820: Jan 2017 FOR SALE

A 3-draw JP Cutts telescope (1836?): Jan 2017 SOLD

Another large Berge, from 1800: Jan 2017 FOR SALE

Andy Macnab’s Ross Telescope: Jan 2017

Robert Maxwell’s Naval Telescope: Jan 2017 FOR SALE

JP Cutts single draw Naval Telescope: Jan 2017 FOR SALE

Single wooden draw large Naval scope by Berge: Feb 2017 FOR SALE

Baleen covered, silvered Cutts telescope: Feb 2017

JT Coppock 1960s Telescope: Feb 2017

Gilbert & Wright scope, circa 1800: March 2017

….Just bought for spare parts: 2-draw “Achromatic”: March 2017

Thompson of Yarmouth 3-draw, circa 1830s: April 2017 On sale on

Medium sized Ramsden 3 draw telescope, wooden barrel: August 2017

Prototype variable magnification scope by Banks 3-draw, wooden barrel: August 2017

Watkins & Hill “Customs” scope medium sized, 3-draw mahogany barrel: November 2017

Medium sized Dollond from 1810 – with a 3 draw wooden barrel: November 2017

Abraham 3-draw – wooden barrel: November 2017

3 Small pocket telescopes – Dollond, Dixey and ANO: December 2017

Negretti & Zambra telescope – Boer war 3 draw: December 2017

Rowland of Bristol – 6 draw telescope: December 2017

Pocket Mahogany telescope – 3 draw: March 2018 SOLD

Wood of Liverpool scope – 3 draw wooden: March 2018

Naval 3 draw – pocket scope with woven cover: March 2018

Bollemeijer & Brans Dutch scope – 3 draw, March 2018

Troughton & Simms plated scope – single draw, April 2018 SOLD

Worthington & Allan tapered scope – single draw mahogany, April 2018

The more recent stories may not yet have been added to this listing!

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