Sales of Telescopes

Sales of telescopes from my collection have started this year, in order to reduce the numbers! Eventually some items will be sent to a museum display, and plans are moving forward with that too.

Meanwhile, some units have been despatched to collectors in Germany, Israel, Italy and the USA. As well as a couple in the UK, in exotic locations like Grimsby, Cheltenham and Lancaster! It is of particular satisfaction that some of the named telescopes have been returned to the families or descendants of the original owners, or makers! Other collectors have been able to find useful spares for their own repairs, from my stock of bits, as long as they can describe what is needed adequately for me to understand it!

One of my correspondents has a display case that he used for one telescope now surplus to requirements – so if it would be useful for your scope, or for anything else, he’d be delighted to hear from you. The box is made from meranti hardwood, and is 27.3cm x 9.7cm internally, with a height of 9.7cm available. It is lined with purple velvet on top of a contoured foam base: he is asking £40 for it, on Ebay!

2018-08-08 15.40.35

s-l1600 2

s-l1600 3

The telescope itself is not included!


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